About Us


Mr. O (Owner)


Produbeats Studios is a music production company staffed with top Music Producers around the DC Area and abroad. Produbeats Studios excels at producing original, radio-ready songs & broadcast material for organizations, aspiring musicians & established artists of all, genres of music. We are the perfect fit for Singers, Songwriters, Networks, Labels & Brands to start, and finish songs with us.

Our Parent Company.

Produbeats Studios can provide distribution through our own distribution platform or major distribution, publishing & licensing services through our parent company 5050 Music Group/ UMG. We will ensure that your catalog is properly registered worldwide and that all rights are appropriately managed. Our resources include distribution, sub-publishing and performance rights,  marketing, and artist funding.

What We Can Provide.

We have full service and state-of-the-art studios to meet all sonic branding and audio needs and formats.  We can make prompt turnaround times at a very high level of quality.
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