We can recording your sessions over the Internet

We don't care what part of the world you are in. We can record.

Do to COVID-19 we can fully administer remote recording session that lets our clients record in professional quality via internet, regardless of where each of them is on the planet. All they both need is an Internet connection and a computer.

This allows any musician with a computer, an internet link to be recorded directly into our studio DAW, even if they are on a different continent. Not only that, but you can see and talk to each other, while the producer has full control over the recording session at both ends of the connection, including cue mix and talk-back level.


All That You will Need!

Before you start.

Install and start the VST Connect Performer application. Do not start your DAW or other audio applications. Type a name in the Your Name field, and the Key number you receive from the remote engineer or producer in the Key field, click the Connect button, and... that's it! Alternatively, you can log in with your MySteinberg account and directly find your collaborators within VST Connect

How to Download VST Connect Performer

  1. Go to Steinberg.net and create a profile.

  2. Fill out all info in your profile.

  3. Download VST Connect Performer 5.0.1

  4. Launch VST connect performer.

  5. It will ask you to put in your username (this means create a username). Once you put in a username, that will be your permanent username.

  6. Once you put in your username it will ask you to log into VST connect performer with your Steinberg credentials.

  7. Tell the studio your username so they can connect to VST connect performer.